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“Loyalty of Yue Fei” exposure stills Xiaoming change “Yue Fei control”

Produced by the Stanley Tong, director Ju Jue Liang, Huang Xiaoming, Gallen Lo, Wu Xiubo other stars appeared side by side of the TV series “Loyalty of Yue Fei” is intense shooting. Recently, “Loyalty of Yue Fei” exposure of the male lead Huang Xiaoming film side of the stills in the drama. It is reported, will also star in the TV version and movie version of “Yue Fei” Huang Xiaoming, also before the cartoon “young Yue Fei legend” cameo theme song, to concentrate on shaping the minds of Yue Fei, the Chinese people’s heroic ages, when the “Yue Fei households” .

“Loyalty of Yue Fei” Yue Fei is the first image to the theme of the TV series, “Yue Fei” actor Huang Xiaoming can reproduce the image of the legendary hero and temperament to become the focus. Recently, the film side exposed play stills, Huang Xiaoming, dressed in armor, armed with “Lek spring Gunslinger”, under cross-White Rabbit, with a full heroic.

On the role of Yue Fei, the jokes that he is “Yue Fei control” Huang Xiaoming’s admiration was palpable: “I grew up very worship of Yue Fei, he was a military genius, is a grassroots general, who came from the civilian population, no background and relationships, hehe exploits with a hero in China who can say he is my idol forever spirit, so long as the Yue Fei theme, whether it is movies, TV shows or cartoons, I have to participate. ”

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