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Use an oval for the head and rectangle for the torso

Draw the model frame first. Use an oval for the head and rectangle for the torso. Add another rectangular shape for the hips 2 inches below the torso. Add a vertical line for the neck. Connect the torso to the hips with a slightly diagonal vertical line in the middle of these shapes. Add the shoulders with two circles on the upper left and right of the model’s torso.

Being in fashion year after year does not have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. With small changes to a wardrobe, anyone can look stylish every season, even trendy. By taking care of the basics such as fit and having an observant eye, fashion can be accessible to everyone.

Pick out a middle layer. This layer should be slightly thicker than a T-shirt or button-up shirt. Thin cardigans or pullover sweaters made out of merino wool, silk knit or thin cotton weaves work well for both men and women. Cotton weave is a good choice for casual fashion, while silk and merino wool have a dressier appearance.
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