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Reproduction of rare Borneo Miller gray langurs

According to foreign media reports, an international expedition team recently re-discovered in Borneo rainforest in a previously considered to be “extinct” monkeys - Miller gray leaf monkey.

Miller gray leaf monkey is the world’s most rare and least known primates, this species as early as 2004, had been considered completely extinct. Miller has a distinctive gray leaf monkey’s distinctive characteristics, black face, white fur collar.

Expedition Borneo rainforest installed in the camera trap has captured traces of the rare species survival, only a few photos provide a solid evidence. Miller gray leaf monkey found in East Kalimantan region of Borneo rainforest in Vichy. Since most of this piece of forest area off the beaten track, so no one knows Miller had the presence of gray langurs.

Expedition team members, the Canadian scientists from the University Ximengfeisha Brent - Loken said, “Although we found Miller gray langurs exist in the East Kalimantan region of conclusive evidence, but this species is still the world’s most one of the endangered primates, I think, to many endangered species on Borneo effective protection, we must race against time as we still do not know the scope of their activities, so it is hard to develop appropriate protection measures. ”

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