Saudi prince $ 300 million stake in Twitter

Saudi Arabia’s ruling royal family to become a member of  Twitter’s major shareholder. Twitter is this year launched the “Arab Spring” uprising of protesters who use the network tools.

According to one insider, the Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Talal-The Prince  acquisition of Twitter $ 300 million of the shares, he is in the secondary market from the U.S. microblogging service provider’s existing shareholders to buy these shares. According to a recent value of other non-publicly traded, the deal will allow him to control the Twitter about 3% of the shares.

Allegedly, this investment is Saudi Prince Alwaleed and his holding of the Kingdom Holding Company in a joint arrangement, after several months of negotiations, is a “strategic stake.”

Prince Alwaleed is a high-tech stocks and media stocks of high-profile investors, his investments, including News Corporation and Apple. He said the deal shows that he “has a global influence, the most promising high growth companies” interested in it.

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