Russian company plans to build space hotel five days room rate $ 160,000

Russian Technologies announced the construction of a space hotel project. The hotel will be 217 miles away from the ground (about 349 km) orbit, a total of four tanks, which can accommodate 7 visitors. They can enjoy the beautiful huge window views of the Earth.

Itself is an adventure into space. Space hotel will take the “Union” rocket went into space, which lasted two days. Check the cost of hotel space is extremely high, five-day stay costs up to 10 million pounds ($ 1.6 million), in addition, visitors have to pay 50 million pounds ($ 8.2 million) and other costs.

According to sources, the hotel or commercial space station is expected to open for business in 2016, far more than comfort living in the International Space Station astronauts. In weightlessness, visitors can choose the level of the vertical bed or bed, bathing will be carried out in a sealed environment to prevent the water should not go into place. The International Space Station, astronauts can only use sponge body. A group of experienced staff will provide a range of services to tourists, who are responsible for preparing food on earth, and then take a rocket into the hotel, and finally heated in a microwave oven.

In the space hotel, visitors enjoy the food as the astronauts will not be installed in the pipe freeze-dried food, but more refined foods, such as veal stew wild mushrooms, white bean soup, potato soup and plum preserves. In addition, visitors can also enjoy iced tea, mineral water and juice, but alcohol is strictly prohibited. Space hotel to use the toilet instead of the air flow of water. Wastewater will be recycled, air will be filtered to remove odor and bacteria return capsule.

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