people who want to tweak Nutrisystem and make it their own

I sometimes hear from people who want to tweak Nutri system and make it their own. Some want to try variations on the diet, but wonder if doing so will still allow them to lose weight. I heard from someone who said: “what if I only did Nutrisystem for dinner? Could I only buy the dinner meals? And, if I did that, would I still lose weight?”

This puts your total at 360 calories, which gives you a deficit of around 440 calories for each dinner that you substitute. This saves you around 3,080 calories per week. One pound is equal to about 3500 calories.

And yes, you can order this diet’s dinners a la carte, but it works out to be a lot more expensive then if you order a package and then customize it. I often suggest that people look at the Nutrisystem flex plan as it’s the smallest in terms of food and it is developed to allow you to take off two days per week.

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